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Each Friday I’ll be posting something interesting for you to learn and one thing you can use to make your upcoming week better.  I’ll also keep you up to date on the projects I’m working on and how you can get involved.

Talking Money and Sponsorship

This week I was interviewed on the Podbean podcast  – Podcasting Smarter with their wonderful host Jennifer Crawford from the Jellyvision Show.  I know it’s a funny name but you should definitely check it out.  We talked podcasting in general but really got into the details of podcast sponsorship.  I went deep with info I normally wouldn’t reveal outside of a paid course, so this one is a must listen so check it out here => Podcasting Smarter

I’m A Reality Show

Wait, What!!  No not in the way you think.  One of my podcasting friends and former mastermind members had a really strong idea for a series on her podcast The Savvy Young Professional Podcast.  She’s documenting via the podcast my progress over the next year on two of my major goals.  So I basically have thousands of accountability partners I’ve shared my goals with that are going to be expecting results.  I’ll share what the goals are but you’re going to have to listen to her show when it goes live to get the details.

Goal One: 100,000 copies of my book in the hands of people that I feel need to get the message in the book.

Goal Two: Launch my new lifestyle brand website  Dapper Monthly It’s a new site and membership community.  This is the first time I’m actually sharing the details with the public so make sure to tune into her show.


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Master Your Message – The Guide to Finding Your Voice in Any Situation is for Pre-order!

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It’s an exciting time in my life to have the honor of publishing a book with a traditional publisher.

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Written by: Vernon Ross