I have to share one of my secret weapons for writing ideas and creating content.   The site is called Coach Glue and I’ve used this site as a starting point to creating high-quality training and coaching programs.

They have everything you need to get a coaching business off the ground or to add to your existing offerings.    These ladies know their stuff and if you use these templates, training, and workshops it could transform your business.

For me having a well thought out framework to modify helps me get my ideas to market faster.  Like for my podcasting course, I teach at UMSL.  I used their podcasting course to help me decide how to structure the Bootcamp.  I didn’t need their podcasting info but the topics were dead on and I could make it what I wanted.  It saved me hours when doing my class syllabus.

Just watch the video and when you’re done use coupon code “10” to take $10 off the price of this really great deal.

Click the link:  Grab The Deal . Remember Use Coupon code 10 to get $10 off this weekend

I created this video with Loom.  Check them out here: https://www.useloom.com/?ref=166767


Written by: Vernon Ross