I host the Social Strategy Podcast is a business resource podcast run by Vernon Ross, that's Me, I teach podcasters, authors coaches and companies how to find their voice online, behind the microphone, on stage and in any situation. 
I Interview Business Experts & Entrepreneurs
Gary Vaynerchuck 
Patrice C Washington 
Farnoosh Torabi 
Melinda Chen 
Kavit Haria 
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My Background
Vernon is an internationally known podcaster, author, social and digital strategist and inspirational speaker whose insights on based on real world experience.  

He’s an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri, St. Louis and has been also been a guest speaker at Webster University and St. Louis Community College.  He speaks frequently on a variety of digital marketing topics at marketing conferences and workshops.
I've been Known to Sport Bow Tie on Thursday
#BowTieThursday (I kind of own the #Tag)
I've Given Advice In A Few Books Too  #Blessed 
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It was awesome to get featured in Crain's, but most vacations we just chill on the beach  
New York - Kids, Wife & Nephew
Hawaii - Just Me and the girls 
South Carolina - My Girls Plus All Nephews 
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