The Lessons We Learn

Student Teacher Kung-fu

Have you ever seen one of those really bad 70’s Kung-fu movies?  You know the ones where the lips never actually match the audio.  I love those movies!  As a kid growing up it was the only thing on Saturday afternoons but I digress.  In all those movies the main character is fighting for some noble cause or to avenge the death of  his teacher or something like that. Continue reading “The Lessons We Learn”

The Power of Now

The Power of Now

Have you ever said to yourself that one day I would like to be whatever “Fill in the blank _____________ You have something you want to become in this lifetime.  Do you know that right now in this moment you have the ability to become that?  It’s just a matter of shifting your awareness.

You may have decided that one day you want to run a marathon.  All you have to do is decide in this moment that you are going to run and start running.  You complete the run and now you can consider yourself a runner because you just ran. Then hold on to that mindset as long as possible.

The real difference between you today as someone who’s not been running everyday and you a year from now if you were to chose to run everyday is simply the accumulation of moment-to-moment choices.  Someone who’s been running for a year has just made one simple choice per day, your power lies in this moment right now for you to decide, “I am a Runner.”

Not saying I want to become a runner, saying that is saying I want to have the mindset of someone that ‘s been running for a predetermined amount of time.   The only control you ever have is in the present moment…right now.  So start running right now, or start writing right now or start those singing lessons you’ve been putting off or whatever it is do it right now.  Do it in this moment.

If you start writing for the next minute guess what you are now a writer.  Yes it’s that simple.  Someone that calls him or herself a writer is simply someone who has been making a choice of writing one minute at a time over and over again.  Think about it everyday you have 1440 opportunities to dedicate one minute of effort towards your ambitions.   So if you took the morning off to sleep in you don’t have to worry about that because you still have hundreds of opportunities to make something happen.

Recognize the power in that, you are always choosing


What will you choose to do right now in this moment?

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Worry About Yourself

So this has to be the best new thing in the world today.  Wisdom brought to us today from this little 2 yr old darling  telling his Dad to “Worry about Yourself!” , “You Drive”.  It’s so cute but so true.  In life too often we get so wrapped up in helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves.  That goes double for all the Mom’s out there.  It’s okay from time to time to allow everyone else to strap in and “Worry about themselves”