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Successful Mistakes with Matthew Turner



Discovering, Creating and Sharing is one of the best ways to communicate the story of your brand.

Wouldn’t you agree?

For this episode I really wanted to connect you with a master storyteller.  Someone that knows how to not just tell a good business story or talk about a brand but a storyteller that could hold your interesting with any subject.

I had the pleasure of connecting with master Matthew Turner he’s is a brand storyteller,podcast host, entertainer, and published author of fiction and non-fiction book.  We discuss his current project The Successful Mistake.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Matthew:

  • What inspired him to come up The Successful Mistake and how the entire process started.
  • Why Matthew took the plunge in leaving his corporate job, about his ‘wandering in the wilderness’ phase, and how he found his way.
  • The origin of Turndog and his vision of the Turndog empire,
  • Skills and the mindset of being a good storyteller and why it can sometimes be hard for brands to tell their stories,
  • The challenges that Matthew has gone through in getting a story together such as his version of the writer’s block.
  • The different methods in publishing including and his personal preference, self-publishing, and the new ‘hybrid’ publishing concept of crowdfunding.

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Leading Breakthrough Change With David Pottruck


David Pottruck

Life is about what you learn and how you share that learning with others.  Wouldn’t you agree?

That quote David Pottruck speaks volumes about the type of leader David is and the principles he teaches at the Wharton Business School’s Center for Leadership and Change Management.

It’s not often that I get to talk with a Titan of industry very often.  When I learned that opportunity had smiled on the podcast and I would have the honor of featuring David on the podcast I wondered how his vast experience would actually translate into something small business owners could use.

Days later I received his book STACKING THE DECK, How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds and once I opened and began to thumb through it was apparent the information in this work would not only be beneficial to my audience but have a direct impact on my business.  As entrepreneurs we have to lead our clients through change, our teams through change and even our spouses have to deal with change in our business. We dig deep into those very issues in our time together.

Here are some highlights of my conversation with David:

We discussed two types of fears:

  • Fear and resistance from the people involved with your business or in your organization and the right steps you need to take get your people’s buy in.
  • Your own fear of making a mistake and how to conquer them through strategies such as making noble failures. – Very interesting concept here so listen to the podcast for details.
  • David’s process of piloting, which he calls ‘sneakaware,’ meaning you have to get to the market quickly and test the waters first if before you find out that nobody wants your product,
  • The difference and impact of slowing down your internal clock and giving your teams time to think and share their thoughts can make in making them accept change.
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration.
  • How problems can give us competitive advantage amongst other companies and how he never stops learning to continuously improve himself.
  • His recommended regimens for entrepreneurs for self-development including writing your goals down, keeping fit and holding yourself accountable.

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HappyWork with Chris Reimer Ep 46


Happywork Book

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had at work?

My guess is it was pretty bad right?

The sad part is that too many of us have bad stories about work.  In this episode is author Chris Reimer addresses this very issues  in his first book Happywork.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Chris:

  • Handling working with challenging people and how powerful negativity can also be.
  • Chris’ background from graduating with a degree in Accounting, being unhappy with his chosen line of work at that time until he cooked up the idea for Rizzo tees and using social media to promote this t-shirt business until finally finding something which resonated to him and led him to pursue a career change to inspire more people.
  • Why leaders should pay attention to the little things, such as caring for your employees, as it can produce incalculable ROIs in the process,
  • The three sections of the Happywork agreement: Respect for the work process, Respect for each other, and Respect for business goal #1: Happiness,
  • How he leverages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in getting his message out and his assessment of how each platform is doing currently,

We really get into a great conversation about social media at 53:10 minutes in so make sure to check out that part of the interview.

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