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Social Monitoring What HashTag Are You


When doing reports for brands you’re often asked to track the number of uses a particular #hastag gets used.  It’s a great way of measuring engagement and exposure to your brand.  If people are using the hashtag the way you intended things are just peachy.

However it did get me to thinking about what hashtag describes me and my brand?  I’m a business coaching but I can’t very well use #Coaching.  I consult and teach about social media but I teach about multiple platforms so I can’t use one of those followed by expert.  Well I could but I want to be more original than that.  #RossPR is a good one and one that I use from time to time but it’s not really applicable in a large variety of situations.

So what should I do?

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Black Women Millionaires with Dr. Venus Opal Reese Ep50


Dr. Venus Opal Reese

A great mentor is a hard to come by so when you run into one you must take advantage. Wouldn’t you agree?

So would you take advantage of a mentor that teaches people how to become millionaires?

Well we have a treat for you in this episode in Dr. Venus Opal Reese.  It’s not secret that Dr. Venus had a very in her words “violent history” and ended up on the street at the really tender age of 16. However from there she’s risen to amazing heights within 14 years with a 2nd Masters Degree and a Ph.D. from Stanford University.  Her speciality is creating millionaires and specifically creating black women millionaires.

Did she pull herself up by her bootstraps?  No as she states, she was “Loved through it”  Are you curious on how that happened and who her hero was?  Click here to find out

Some of the things we learn in this interview are:

Self Esteem money  which based on self-esteem is an Internal evaluation of yourself based on your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and even lived experiences.   Basically it’s you talking to you about how you feel about you.  This can get you to a certain level of wealth but not take you to millions.  Making that type of income takes a different approach.

Self-Worth money in which you use more of a valuation method or an external assessment of an asset to a community group or market. This is about you understanding that you’re a new market not a commodity.

In addition I get personal in this episode go deeper into my background than you’ve ever heard before.  We talk about using your story and leading with your heart.  Dr. Venus demonstrates with my back story on how powerful sharing your journey has true power and can change your life and your business.

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Why Podcasters should Explore Spreaker Ep 49



There are so many options when it comes to hosting a podcast that it can be hard for a podcaster or someone starting in podcasting to determine which one to choose.

I looked into Soundcloud used it a bit and although I’m sure it’s a great platform I’m just not that crazy about it so I started looking around at what was available.  That’s when I discovered the Spreaker platform.

In getting setup I tried their free account of course and had a few questions which were answered promptly answered by Community Manager Anna Piazza.   Spreaker is there to help podcasters create and promote their podcast with their complete distribution platform. Spreaker sets the stage for artists and hosts, allowing them to broadcast their shows, tracks, and playlists to listeners all over the world.

Anna looks after the community that consists of over 2 million users and her tasks involve answering queries, responding to emails, writing blogs and interacting with the community on social media, so she was perfect to interview and find out more about the platform.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Anna:

  • SoundCloud versus Spreaker in terms of features, additional options in uploading and distribution of content, storage, variety of plans, and analytics.
  • How Anna got involved with Spreaker in 2011 when the company officially launched,
  • Spreaker and iHeartRadio’s integration of platforms, the approval process podcasters need to go through and what it takes to be featured.
  • How tracking, analytics and ranking work in Spreakers’ platform and the tight and active community within Spreaker.
  • What to set up to get ready for your podcast guests, how to schedule announcements, and the option to upload your shows for future publication.
  • How much artwork plays into their editorial decisions on who to feature in the front page.
  • Their plans in building customized apps specifically for each show and your options in terms of monetizing the app and which platform to be on,
  • Adding additional pages to the app you built in Spreakers and what can make your pages look great.

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