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Publishing Passion and Passive Income with Rachel Rofe Ep26


Rachel Rofe

Have you ever had to ask for a day off from work? Of course you have.  

How did it make you feel being an adult and having to ask someone else’s permission to spend time with your family?

I can tell you how it made Rachel Rofe feel.  It sucked and she never wanted to allow anyone from that point on to determine her future.  

Rachel had dabbled on ebay in her spare time but found massive success through promoting an ebook she was promoting mostly via Craig’s List.  Fast forward and she hasn’t looked back since.  

Rachel has published over 40 books (several best sellers) to date on Amazon Kindle, numerous digital products and even has a couple of physical products. Listen Now Read More



Superfast Success with James Schramko Ep25



James Schramko from Super Fast Business left a $300,000 a year job working for Mercedes to do affiliate marketing but only after he matched his salary.  His success in affiliate marketing was based on how he had attained success in sales at Mercedes Benz. 

Selling is essential for any successful business and like it or not you have to learn the art of selling to have any real level of success. Often people say “I don’t like sales” or it’s too hard to sell things. James approached it from a different angle.  

He decided to be helpful instead of just going for the biggest profit.  He educated his customers and did what was in the best interest of the customers first which is what sets him apart from your average “Sales Person”.

Do what others aren’t doing

We touched on something really interesting that proves out some of the details I’ve noticed in my conversations with successful business owners like James.  They don’t follow the crowd. In the podcast I asked James about the three video launch method and what he thought.  I think the answer will surprise you.  Listen Now Read More



Eliminate Negative Self-Talk with Shauna Mackenzie Ep24


Guest Name

I don’t deserve to be happy.  

I can’t think of one thing I like about myself.

Have you ever said these things to yourself, or have you ever heard your friends say something like this?  You don’t have to feel this way.

If you have children you never want to hear negative self-talk like this which is how I came across my next guest.   I saw a new Twitter peep show up in my timeline and like always I check out who they are and what makes them interesting.  In looking at Shauna’s timeline I noticed a tweet about a video about a movement aptly named Stop the Madness.

Stop the Madness is a movement that’s working toward putting an end and limiting negative self-talk.  What was so moving about the video was it was all little girls saying these things that were very out of character for little children but very moving because you understand these messages can get to them in the ways we see ourselves and let our children hear us speaking to others about the way we feel.  Powerful stuff!

So with that I had to have my next guest Shauna Mackenzie on to share the story of how the video got created but also to share the details on how she but an amazing six figure business in impression management and image consulting.


Specifically we get into:

  • How Shauna realized what happens when you don’t ask or recognize what your audience wants, and how to fix it.
  • Why even though she was successful she rebranded her company
  • When it’s time to bring in a team to help you expand and grow your business
  • How raising your prices and niching down can double your business.
  • Eliminating the negative self-talk and how that can empower you.
  • The importance of building a flexible brand.


It’s all about the Pivot

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