Discoverability Through Instagram Stories Ep76

Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories But Why?

This past week I posted an article on LinkedIn Pulse about Instagram Stories.   I covered a few key things I think you should know on how to use the new features for your business.  Instagram Stories is much like Snapchat (Almost a carbon copy) Stories where your followers see a story you’ve posted that last for 24 hours.

More than 96 hours have passed since Instagram Stories hit and the verdict so far is some people love it, but others despise how buggy it seems to be with not loading video, delayed recording and crashing even after the latest update.  All the technical problems aside in my opinion is if you have a business you really should be using Instagram Stories for the one reason Snapchat has not been fully adopted; Discoverability Continue reading “Discoverability Through Instagram Stories Ep76”

Health And Wealth With Shelley Davidescu Ep75

Shelley Davidescu

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We learned how to build an irresistible pitch with “The Pitch Whisperer” John Livesay.  John gave priceless tips in pitching for Start-ups and podcast sponsorship including co-branding to get an advantage, and the importance of being clear and concise with you branding.  Our guest in this episode Shelley Davidescu, a business mentor for health and wellness coaches.

Shelley Davidescu is a Business Mentor for Health & Wellness coaches looking to monetize their passion for health in the online space. As the founder of a successful Food Coaching Business Clean Forks, Shelley spills the secrets on community building and building powerful systems that can help coaches tell better brand stories.

Shelley shares why Facebook is her strongest platform and the new developments with Facebook Live can help explode your growth to quickly become a sought after resource. Jump to that part of the show [15:44]

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The Irresistible Pitch with John Livesay Ep74

irresistible pitch with John_Livesay

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Hey guys in case you missed it catch up on Episode 73 Jeff Herrmann.  A fascinating talk about content marketing.  Our guest this episode is known as The Pitch Whisperer.  John helps tech founders develop an irresistible pitch to get the funding they need — fast.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to pitch a venture capitalist grab a pin and pad!  John is also the host of the very popular The Successful Pitch podcast where investors share their criteria on which start-ups they fund and start-ups share how they got funded.

One of the things that resonated with me is something John said early in our discussion he stated that a lot of founders make a mistake when they pitch to investors. They are thinking, if I can show you how great that idea is, you’ll give me money when in fact, you have to show them how great you are first. Investors invest in the jockey not the horse.

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