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Building A Brand And The Life You Love with Reece Sims Ep54



In this episode I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Reece Sims.  She’s  a Personal Branding Strategist and host a very unique podcast with an equally unique name called – The Lovenoteworthy Show.  We discuss her journey towards entrepreneurship and the values of networking and creating your own opportunities.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Reece:

  • The events leading to Reece’s drive to start a women-focused podcast and about her aim to showcase women in leadership roles to inspire other women that they can be competitive in the business space as well.
  • The importance of networking and her tips on how to start and nurture connections as early as in college by joining different clubs, being in student government and being in activities which could broaden your reach even outside of your university.
  • Where her income streams come from and the value of always having side hustle.
  • Her three main reasons for building her podcast and about her engagement in Novus television and why she chose to spend time and effort in building a presence in this platform.
  • The value of creating your own opportunities, going to extra mile and coming up with your own initiatives rather than waiting,

Notable Quote:

Mentorship is a really important tool to help you validate and define what path you are going through and to get advice based on experience.

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How Not to Get Sued with Nellie Akalp Ep 53


Nellie Akalp

In this episode, I catch up with CorpNet’s CEO and Founder, Nellie Akalp, during new media expo NMX to talk about copyrights and trademarks and how they can be vital to your business.  In addition we covered the value of forming an LLC or a corporation for podcasters and bloggers.

Nellie and I touched on things I’ve never really considered as a podcaster that normally would have done in my PR business.  For me this reveals the mindset shift that needs to happen when our blogs and podcast become an actual business.

Below are the highlights of my short but information packed session with Nellie:

  • What a copyright is, what it protects, how other people can borrow your copyrighted contents and why you should still register and file the paperwork despite the automatic logo that comes with WordPress. ( This was shocking )
  • What you should know when borrowing images from other sites or when using music ( Start @ 4:00 to hear about music) for your shows for your show so you don’t end up in court.
  • Nellie got into this industry starting from buying domains and posting content in a website with her husband in 1997, growing their company with nearly a million dollars gross sales in 2005, selling the company out to retire but deciding to start back all over again in 2009 with their current company CorpNet where they help start up entrepreneurs in legitimizing their businesses.
  • What sets CorpNet out from the competition, from their pricing to their service, and how they engage through social media.
  • How they help entrepreneurs regarding the restrictions in setting up revenue streams via Amazon in some states through setting their businesses up as an LLC or corporation.

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How To Conference NMX Attendee Speaks Out Ep52


NMX From The Attendee Perspective

First Timer! Was it your first time to a major conference like New Media Expo or NABShow?  I thought it would be interesting and very informative to get the perspective of a first time attendee to NMX and get her impressions of the event and share with us how to conference

In full disclosure my next guest is actually in the field of booking conferences for a city in so she has a very unique perspective which I think you’ll enjoy.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Why knowing the schedule ahead of time is vital to a positive conference experience
  • If you should you try to attend every session.
  • How social media can make networking easier and more enjoyable
  • The number on after the conference thing you should do

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