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Zero to $100k in 12 months with Kavit Haria Ep59


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Zero to $100k in 12 months sounds pretty crazy.  I have to admit there was some scepticism when I first learned about Kavit and his company through a referral from a fellow podcaster Fabienne Raphael ( EP44 ) that I should have him on the show.  Well Kavit quickly dispatched that doubt by breaking down the process he used to help people achieve that level of success.  I asked Kavit to talk about on of his case studies and whilst he was speaking about one of her I looked her up and found her brand online.  It’s called Trapped to Transformed and you can jump ahead and listen about the case study here => [30:10]

Kavit helped this struggling Mom go from zero to $100k in 12 months and it was obvious she was doing well with her brand.  If you visit the site you’ll witness the well thought out process and strategies spelled out in this interview.  In addition Kavit breaks down how to build a successful a coaching business and stand out from other coaches by showing us all how to find clarity around our messaging.

A few things you will discover in this interview

  • The importance of discovering clarity in your vision for where you want your business to be.
  • How much simple actions that others won’t take can pay off big.
  • What booking music gigs can teach you about selling and marketing yourself by celebrating others.

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Start-Ups, Networking and Living Abroad with Shola Abidoye Ep58

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Shola Abidoye is the world’s #1 expert in CRSP™  Which stands for – controllable, repeatable, scalable, predictable.  This applies to the area digital sales growth.  Like most successful serial entrepreneurs been involved in several successful ventures with incredible growth rates in profit.

It’s not surprising that being a trained economist educated at Oxford University and KTI in Sweden that she’s been able to achieve the level of success she has and truly live the digital nomad lifestyle in Baja Mexico.  Shola’s current company ConverPort her team helps entrepreneurs convert clicks into lead and ultimately into customers.

I think Shola offers an interesting perspective on how to approach online business that’s not from a blogger perspective.  She’s providing a valuable software as a service (SAS)system to make sustainable and stable income.  A major challenge for anyone wanting to cut the cord from the corporate grind.

Not only is Shola a great business woman but a master networker.  She reminds us that it’s not just important to focus on people you meet at conferences and in business but the people you knew in High School and College.

Insights By Shola

  • A big part of business is leveraging parts of social relationships that may not be obvious to you at first.
  • Paying for visibility shows how smart of a business you are it doesn’t show defeat.
  • Understanding that you can learn from everyone that you’re around.  You don’t have to go to fancy schools to be a great entrepreneur.
  • How to get crystal clear on what your goals are and what you need to focus on.

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Outsourcing, Productivity Hacks and Paradigm Shift with Podcast Junkies Host, Harry Duran Ep57


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Productivity hackers rejoice!

My friend and guest for this episode will surely feed your cravings as he shares to us his arsenal of tools that would surely delight you all.

We actually get into what I think is an interesting and well needed conversation about valuing our 9-5 job (for a change) and the way we use them to fund our side hustles.  Actually I like to think of my main job as a side hustle that pays for what I really love to do.  How do you see your main day job?

When hanging out with Harry in Vegas I learned more about Slack and why I should be using it.  in addition Harry drops the knowledge about even more services he uses to stay on top of his game and manage his time.  A few of the ones mentioned were: Fancy Hands, TaskRabbit, Fiber, Pocket, IFTTT, Luxe, and as I mentioned Slack.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Harry:

  • Harry’s origins (Kind of like a superhero) and his background as a DJ.  We touch on how this became his first entrepreneurial exploit in New York and when he finally decided that being a DJ is simply a hobby and is not going to be his main income stream.  However it’s still his passion.
  • Being in the corporate for more than 20 years from banking, finance and customer service and moving to consulting selling high end data management tools.
  • The lessons he learned from corporate including misconceptions about our 9-5 jobs and his advice about putting things into perspective.  Trust me this was golden!
  • His thoughts about balancing a corporate job and projects on the side.
  • We talk his latest company FullCast and share the things he learned from highly successful entrepreneurs including managing outsourcing.
  • Being a productivity hacker, a Twitter social strategy you should hear about, and a range of productivity tools that Harry uses which you can absolutely revolutionize how you spend your time.

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