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Hope When it’s Hopeless Ep40


STLHope #STLTogether

Hope is only lost when you stop looking for it.

In these desperate times it’s vital to our success as business owners or aspiring business owners to maintain hope for a better tomorrow both for their business, their community and for the world.

If you take a look at the situation in Ferguson, MO with the number of businesses that were vandalized, and burned to the ground it could be difficult to have hope these small businesses would ever want to come back and rebuild.  Hope. Read More


Courage Ep39















Showing courage in any situation can be a hard thing to do.  Would you agree?

Would you be willing to lose friends that couldn’t support your journey to improve yourself?

I had a conversation with a good friend today on Facebook who shared how she’s lost so many people that she thought were friends once she started on her journey of self-improvement.   I found it interesting and of course sad that she’s had to deal with that.

How would that make you feel? Read More


Farnoosh Torabi on Why She Makes More Ep37
















Do you know what sets high achievers apart from average achievers?

I’ve noticed there’s a certain importance that’s placed on doing “the work” as Steven Pressfield says in the War of Art.  As Farnoosh says in this wonderful conversation you also have to know your trade.

You may have seen Farnoosh on CNBC on Financially fit or on the Today show, Fox, WSJ and many others including Morning Joe (One of my Favorites)

Ethics and determination and hard work has a much to do with why she make more and in this podcast you’re going to learn:

  • How Farnoosh positioned herself to learn from the best in the publishing industry before she wrote her first book.
  • The power of setting your intention and stating it to the people you come in contact with.
  • What “doing the work” really means and how it helps Farnoosh set herself apart.
  • The key elements you need when pitching the media.

and so much more

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