Bumpers.fm with Ian Ownbey EP80

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I love startups! I think the culture from a work perspective is what everyone dreams of, and the have the flexibility to innovate as the market changes. Bumpers.fm is the perfect example of market disruption in the ever changing world of podcasting. In this episode, I get to speak with one of the co-founders of this unique company.

Meet Ian Ownsby co-founder of Bumpers.fm, a podcasting platform that’s disrupting the industry by allowing anyone to record a podcast from their mobile device for with unlimited audio.

Here’s some of what we covered:

[3:00] Why Bumpers.fm was created.

[12:00]How Ian and his team are changing the landscape of podcasting.
[18:01]The problem with podcasting today, and how Bumpers disrupts the status quo.
[21:00]The new revenue model that podcasters should really be using. (Your Mind will be blown!)

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No Tactics EP79


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So this isn’t your normal podcast post it’s a little raw.  You’re going to notice the audio sounds a bit different and I’m referring to an app called Bumpers App.  It’s a new podcasting app I’m trying out for creating more content in a quicker consumable way.

In this episode, I’m riffing about why you don’t need tactics in social media and marketing to be relevant or to come across as an authentic person to your audience.  Social Media tactics and marketing tactics that don’t come from a place of service is what I touch on and I want to know what you think. Continue reading “No Tactics EP79”

Swizzle A Start-Up Story with Nick Szabo EP78

Nick Szabo

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Running at full speed and jumping to the next building across the rooftops.  Would you do This?  My next guess would totally do this in a heartbeat and has.  This fearless quality is one of the many things that sets my next guest Nick Szabo apart.  Jump to [30:23] as Nick the COO of Swizzle shares how taking risks not only applies in parkour but also in business.

Pretty exciting right?  Well, that’s the start-up scene in St. Louis, it’s been exciting and is getting a ton of attention and with good reason.

Companies like Swizzle and entrepreneurs like Nick Szabo ( A St. Louis Native) understand what St. Louis has to offer that other major cities can’t match.  Let’s put it this way Swizzle reads the internet and tells you how people feel about your brand.  #PowerfulStuff

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