Video on Instagram So What of it?

Yeah I said it!  Big whoop instagram has video now and it’s longer than the poultry 6 second videos of Vine.  So what does that mean for you and your business and how are you going to take advantage of it?  So in doing my research I came across a company called Nitrogram a 9 month old start-up that reports stats on Instagram.  Pretty intersting since I was looking for just that very thing.  They are a little pricey if you need more in-depth stats but for now check out their rank of the Top 50 Brands on Instagram

However that still doesn’t say how these brands are using Instagram and if it’s effective.  Take for example Michael Kors ad what they did with video.  It’s only 15 seconds but it’s pretty engaging and captures the attention of his fans since he’s speaking in the video. They named it #Instakors – My life in an instant.  It earned 28 thousand “likes” with 307 comments.  Pretty impressive for 15 seconds even if they only have one video uploaded.

Nike is one of the best examples of how to use video no matter what your platform.  Now I’m not sure why they have only one video uploaded but it’s pretty fun and it draws you in to want to find out what’s going on.  The post even includes a phone number for you to call and another account to visit to find out what happens and who’s called the number.  Check it out: Nike on Instagram

Also Lululemon gets an honorable mention on a great video.  Let’s just hope those were the round two yoga pants she was wearing.

So for you business decide what fit’s your message and if 6 seconds on Vine is good or it you’ve built a following on Instagram will you have more of an impact.  Let’s not forget Tout as well who came out with 15 second videos two years ago but hasn’t seen the growth of Vine or Instagram.  I still think they could be a good platform to build a following on but I would still have more than one short video sharing platform to share on to be safe.

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New Hotness

Hey guys!  Welcome to the old blog with a new look.  I’ve decided to open the blog to more of what I need to say that just doesn’t fit on the blog over at RossPR. Check out the video for the details.