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Instagram Stories But Why?

This past week I posted an article on LinkedIn Pulse about Instagram Stories.   I covered a few key things I think you should know on how to use the new features for your business.  Instagram Stories is much like Snapchat (Almost a carbon copy) Stories where your followers see a story you’ve posted that last for 24 hours.

More than 96 hours have passed since Instagram Stories hit and the verdict so far is some people love it, but others despise how buggy it seems to be with not loading video, delayed recording and crashing even after the latest update.  All the technical problems aside in my opinion is if you have a business you really should be using Instagram Stories for the one reason Snapchat has not been fully adopted; Discoverability

 The Power Of Profiles

One of the limitations with Snapchat at least from a marketing perspective unless you’re paying Snapchat to place an ad you have no real way of knowing much about the people viewing your snaps.  Of course you can see who viewed your Snap and if they took a screenshot but it’s limited to that and you really don’t know how many people are really following you.

Instagram Stories gives you an advantage as a brand or business because you have a static profile.  That means you if you have a plan for your content distribution on Instagram you can now tailor the content of your stories to drive interest to your profile.  If people like what they see in your “Stories” they can explore your profile which could lead to calls to action, product postings and brand advocacy awareness campaigns.

Engagement Has Doubled

Thursday which of course for me is #BowTieThursday.  Right after stories launched I posted the picture below and to my surprise here’s what happened.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.05.03 PM


That’s twice what my impressions are for this type of post and the engagement on Instagram is the number of Hearts.   Usually my expectation would be to have around 25 to 30 hearts but this time it’s 54!  Not only that my impressions are also more this week.  If you watch the video you’ll see what my impressions were for the week since I did the video on Thursday

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.05.54 PM


Instagram Stories Tutorial Videos – By Vernon Ross  – By Kim Garst

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 Book Pre – Launch

I’ve been announcing over the past couple of weeks that I was offered a book deal with Morgan James publishing to help get my book Master Your Message into book stores and anywhere books are sold.  It’s an exciting time here on the podcast and in my life to have the honor of publishing a book with a traditional publisher.

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Vernon Ross Author of Master Your Message

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Podcast Resourcs

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I personally use ScreenFlow on an almost daily basis and have been for a few years.  It’s a much better solution than other more expensive programs out there and it’s quick to pick up and start using right out of the box.  If you attended Podcast Midwest last year you know that Telestream among others sponsored a 4 license give away for my listeners and attendees of the podcast.

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