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If you missed the last episode with Josh Dorkin you’re going to want to check out [10:48] : why Josh chooses not to sell courses on BiggerPockets and why he feels this information should be free.  In this episode we talk with Jeff Herrmann, Chief Revenue Officer, Mobile Video Expert, Content Marketer and Transformation Strategy Designer.  And with all of that going on he still finds time to run the top rated Publish or Perish podcast.

Jeff formally worked with The Nielsen company spending most of his time there assessing advertising effectiveness of large media companies such as Fox, Disney and Turner. Jeff has helped many companies with planning out strategies in relationship-building and lead nurturing; and how businesses can plan out their content marketing efforts using the customer’s journey map to determine what customers needs are.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Jeff:

[05:48] : Why businesses trust the creation of their content to outside agencies and what we should focus on in curating content.

[10:15] : How audio and video publishing can fast track trust and credibility and the opportunities which can come out in embracing this platform.

[13:07] : Which platforms Jeff recommends to appeal to your respective audiences and how goal setting and a mission statement can govern your overall marketing program.

[16:02] : What challenges you may face in producing and publishing content and how to get through these trying times through persistence and patience.

[21:43] : Jeff’s vital tips on how to get started in content marketing and his thoughts on content marketing and SEO working hand in hand.

Some quotes and advice from Jeff:

“I encourage everyone to go through the process of developing a content marketing strategy and a mission statement.”
“Sometimes if you get lucky you get instant conversion, instant dialogue, and instant traction and in other cases you have to go six to nine months to a year of crickets. Just keep going, just keep producing.”

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