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In the last episode (EP68) we met Morgan MacDonald  listen now to hear the one thing I’ve never heard any publisher reveal that could have a deep impact on your book.  I promise you’ve never heard this information anywhere.

In this episode we meet Jeffrey Shaw a master photographer, business coach and public speaker. Jeffrey build his first million dollar a year business serving the most affluent families in America. He’s known for his ability to capture moments that captivate and images that leave his clients wanting more.

Jeffrey has also built a successful coaching practice serving other coaches and other creatives as well as anyone needed business advice.  As a coach, freelancer or anyone that’s involved in a service business you know how difficult it can be to determine what you should charge because your service can appear to be intangible and feels hard to communicate the true value to your clients.

Jeffrey has figured out how to overcome this problem here’s how…

Why Coaches Fail

We discuss in the interview that most coaches sell features and a list of services the client is going to get for let’s say $1500 a month.

It’s a failing venture and something that Jeffrey noticed after he became a coach.  Since he never had this issue in his photography business he applied the same philosophy to his coaching practice which helped him quickly obtain qualified clients that he could help and that valued the outcomes Jeffery helped them to understand. The true value as Jeffrey points out is in the transformation that happens in their lives through the coaching process.

Valuable Insights

Jump to some of the highlights of my conversation with Jeffrey:

  • [01:15] : How he ended up in the business of photography despite wanting to be an architect and the transition from photography being just a hobby to becoming a profession,
  • [04:24] : The thought process of why he charged his premium rates, both as a photographer and a coach, and his beliefs about long-term thinking.
  • [10:03] : How breaking out from the traditional business models have made him more successful and the value of a well-crafted ‘standout statement’.
  • [15:20] : Finding the right market for you to serve through alignment.
  • [18:06 ]: Sharing his greatest insecurities in life and how he jumped into podcasting with both feet despite the fears which came with it,
  • [21:55] : How he came up with the name ‘Creative Warriors’ for his podcast, the positive response he got from this choice and how it transformed his life and his business.
  • [26:09] : Service, authenticity, honesty, truth, experience and the things that Jeffrey believes sells the most today; and find out why he refers to this time as the new renaissance.

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Written by: Vernon Ross