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Hey guys in case you missed it catch up on Episode 73 Jeff Herrmann.  A fascinating talk about content marketing.  Our guest this episode is known as The Pitch Whisperer.  John helps tech founders develop an irresistible pitch to get the funding they need — fast.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to pitch a venture capitalist grab a pin and pad!  John is also the host of the very popular The Successful Pitch podcast where investors share their criteria on which start-ups they fund and start-ups share how they got funded.

One of the things that resonated with me is something John said early in our discussion he stated that a lot of founders make a mistake when they pitch to investors. They are thinking, if I can show you how great that idea is, you’ll give me money when in fact, you have to show them how great you are first. Investors invest in the jockey not the horse.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with John:

  • [02:06]: Accentuating the importance of getting to know the founder versus the idea and having compelling stories about you and your idea’s origins, when pitching to investors.
  • [02:48] : A story about how Pinterest and YouTube originated and failed, but chose to pivot and gained success because they had the right team.
  • [5:45]: The importance of having a branded and impressive LinkedIn profile to be able to entice investors and having a consistent message across your social media accounts.
  • [06:48]: What makes a strong LinkedIn profile including having good images; reviews, testimonials and references to build your credibility; and having videos and regular posting of content.
  • [08:14]: Using LinkedIn to do due diligence on the investors to you are trying to get before you go in front of them. Get to know who they are and who they have invested in.
  • [12:04]: How he first got started in this expertise and the importance of starting with low hanging fruits initially before taking on a project you cannot handle.
  • [15:30]: The differences between your sales deck and your pitch deck.
  • [16:08]: Priceless tips in pitching for podcast sponsorship including co-branding to get an advantage, and the importance of being clear and concise on what your brand is.
  • [25:03] : The emphasis in being a good storyteller to nail a good investor.

Words of Wisdom

In this part of the show notes I pull out the some of the knowledge from the interview into small bites you can jot down or throw in Evernote.  What I do for podcast and important notes is copy them over to Evernote then add them to my journal for what applies to my business.  It’s been pretty effective for me.

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  • In order to make your dreams a reality, you have to sell yourself first.
  • Most of the founders of start-ups are so afraid of misperception when in fact, they should be afraid of customer indifference.
  • You have to be authentic and a human being, not a robot, when you go on and pitch.
  • A confused mind always says no.
  • Do not try to boil the ocean, just boil a couple of glasses of water. Prove a concept, be known for it and then start selling everything else.
  • No matter what you are talking about, you have to be a good storyteller. Storytellers rule the world. People remember your stories not your numbers.

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