How much are you losing on Facebook ads?  Have you ever thought Facebook ads work for some but you have to take a course or spend thousands of dollars to get any scalable result?  My guest Marya Jan is going to tell you something I’m sure you’ve never heard before.

She doesn’t want you to start running Facebook Ads!

That’s right Marya thinks Before you invest a single dollar in a Facebook ad, you need to have a strategy in place from the start in order to get results.  Just like with anything you’re attempting to accomplish you have to have a roadmap to get there.  We covered a ton of information in this conversation and one of the many things I learned about some of the mistakes I’ve made is to send traffic to a cold page.

I understand the point of an ad campaign is to get a click through to your offer and to get in front of your ideal audience.  I was hoping like so many others that posting would lead those visits to my irresistible offer.  Well,  guess what, that wasn’t happening because I wasn’t using a sequence to lead them to sign up for an email list so that you can begin a relationship with them over time.

 Boost or Nah?

I know you Boost, don’t you!

After all, it’s going to get in front of a ton of people and it’s only $1 or $2 to get in front of like 750 people right!?  Well, I guess not.  Marya doesn’t recommend boosting a post. It may be great for testing and in building social proof but this is Facebook’s way of getting you to reach in your pocket.  It’s an easy button for people who are afraid to get too deep in the ad pool.  When you boost a post, it has limited functionalities and rarely gets in front of your perfect audience.

A better way may be to create a custom audience if you’re determined to use some ad spend.  A custom audience is built when you upload your email list to Facebook?  It’s a powerful way to use your email list to advertise on Facebook and to make them more aware of you.  Because the number of people is smaller the cost could be significantly lower and reaches a more targeted audience, and the best thing of all, it did not cost you a single cent.

Organic is Better

For someone who’s new to their business and hasn’t built a steady cash flow, the best way to grow your list is through organic media.  One of the may tips that Marya shared was in relation to Facebook groups and pages.  When people have visited your website a great way to build a group or page is to invite them to sign up for your Facebook group or to like your Facebook page.

In the many tips, Marya shared we also talked about the value of creating small lead magnets that can give your audience quick wins.  People love checklist, cheat sheets and small guides that teach and deliver them the desired outcomes.

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Written by: Vernon Ross