It’s Time To Master Your Message

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have a release date on the book!  It’s hitting books stores near you on June 20th, 2017!!  Pre-orders are opening up soon.  My 15yr old Taylor actually helped with the final design idea before I sent the concept back to Morgan James for final mockup and approval.  I’m so proud of her!

Master Your Message - The Guide to Finding Your Voice in Any Situation

Exciting Times Ahead

This is a pretty exciting time and I can’t wait to get this work in your hands.  If you’ve ever needed to get in front of a room and wanted to feel comfortable you’re going to find out how in this book.

If you’re in sales and want to be able to find your voice is the sales process this work is going to help you relate to the customer quickly and authentically better than you ever have before, and trust me you’ve never read this type of advice.

Learn a little more about the book right here:

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This is going to be epic and you can be a part of this journey as I share the entire process of how I was able to get my first book published!

Written by: Vernon Ross