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In the last episode we talked with Sexyboss Heather Ann Havenwood.  Heather built a million dollar business marketing her dating and relationship advice.  She’s a power public speaker and coach so if you missed it go check it out now.

In this episode I talk with book publisher Morgan MacDonald about the writing process and how her company Paper Raven Books helps authors.  We seriously dig into the process of getting your ideas out and how to overcome the struggles emerging writers have.  We talk through my own struggles with writing and Morgan live coaches me on the podcast.

This was a revealing interview and we dive so much deeper into the writing process, the launch marketing and the foundations you need to have to make your book successful.  I’ve never really talked about what my holdup is with writing before so you get insight into what’s been private until now.

If you skip down to the time stamps at [27:00] Morgan talks about a process I’ve never heard any publisher reveal that honestly could have a deep impact on your book.  This one strategy is one of the reasons I actually decided to hire Morgan as my book coach.   In speaking with dozens of publishers and authors over the past couple of years I found the depth of her knowledge into the process to be second to none.  The amazing thing is she was willing to talk about it in the podcast and give some of it for free.

There’s also a special announcement below

[20:41] How to pick which book to write when you’re confused about where to start.

[23:39] What a rough organisation is and how to use it in your writing process.

[25:45] Morgan’s three step book launch strategy.  You’ve never heard before.

[27:00] The absolute most important thing that needs to be in the first 10 pages of your book.  This strategy is so powerful that it could make the difference in your entire book launch.

If you’re an author and have a book published but like so many you have under 10 reviews for your book you must use this strategy because as Morgan said this:

The reviews from your first book are the foundation for all of your marketing, as an author for the rest of your paltform

Traditional publisher only want return on their investment but as a self-published author you’re not just looking for book sales.  You are building a strong foundational base for your coaching business, leads that you can convert to customers.

I was so impressed with what Morgan and her company did and we connected so perfectly in our interview that I’ve now taken on Morgan as my book coach to help me finish and publish my first real book.

Check out one of Morgan’s videos:

Books Mentioned

Accidental Genius by Mark Levy – Creator of the Pomodoro method of writing or free writing.  It’s designed to help you right your thought out without thinking.   I’ve been doing this and it’s a powerful method.

Resource Links

We also mentioned using Evernote for notes that you can share with your audience.  It’s a wonderful method for sharing things with your audience.

Morgan has generously provided a free gift for you guys its called: 12 STEPS TO WRITE A BOOK
THAT BOOSTS YOUR BUSINESS AND BUILDS YOUR PLATFORM Just click the link to get your free 10 page guide

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