Nick Szabo

Running at full speed and jumping to the next building across the rooftops.  Would you do This?  My next guess would totally do this in a heartbeat and has.  This fearless quality is one of the many things that sets my next guest Nick Szabo apart.  Jump to [30:23] as Nick the COO of Swizzle shares how taking risks not only applies in parkour but also in business.

Pretty exciting right?  Well, that’s the start-up scene in St. Louis, it’s been exciting and is getting a ton of attention and with good reason.

Companies like Swizzle and entrepreneurs like Nick Szabo ( A St. Louis Native) understand what St. Louis has to offer that other major cities can’t match.  Let’s put it this way Swizzle reads the internet and tells you how people feel about your brand.  #PowerfulStuff

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Here are the highlights of my conversation with Nick:

  The origin story behind [01:08]  how Swizzle got started, and their ability to pivot has them rubbing shoulders with the big players in the industry.

     [3:57] Nick shares his journey from being a kid with a dream of being a veterinarian; to switching to marketing and sales mid-college; exploring real estate, and finally making it to South Korea and where he joined Swizzle.

   [11:20] It’s easy to lose who you are and what your companies story is when partnering with big names such as IBM, Nick share how Swizzle remains true to its story and it’s brand identity.

     [17:20] : The buzzword of the day is influencer marketing.  Nick gives rock-solid advice on what to look for if your company searching for an influencer and how to approach them appropriately.

It Takes Funding, Let’s Find Out How To Get It

   [23.16] : We explore how Swizzle got funded and how the are continuing to raise money in Asia.   This gets really interesting when we get into the culture differences of how business is done in Asia vs the US.  It’s not what you think.

  •      [28:11]: The two types of sales — quick sales and long sales – and how relationship-building can be essential in this field.
  •    [30:23]: Nick shares how taking risks not only applies in parkour but also in business.
  •       [35:45] : Being a father, about his hobbies and why it’s important to have an outlet and do something you enjoy outside of your business to avoid burn-outs.

Great advice from Nick:

  •       If you are solving a problem for an audience, chances are, you have a string of people waiting for it.
  •       There’s a big connection between taking actual physical risks and taking risks in your business.

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