So this isn’t your normal podcast post it’s a little raw.  You’re going to notice the audio sounds a bit different and I’m referring to an app called Bumpers App.  It’s a new podcasting app I’m trying out for creating more content in a quicker consumable way.

In this episode, I’m riffing about why you don’t need tactics in social media and marketing to be relevant or to come across as an authentic person to your audience.  Social Media tactics and marketing tactics that don’t come from a place of service is what I touch on and I want to know what you think.

Hit me up in the comments to share your thoughts.

Book Launch is Here

My new book published by Morgan James Publishing – Master Your Message will be coming to a fine bookseller in your neighborhood officially on June 20, 2017!  Pre-Order on Amazon is ready!


It’s an exciting time in my life to have the honor of publishing a book with a traditional publisher.


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Welcome Warby Parker

I’m trying out Warby Parker as an affiliate to see if you get value from seeing their products here. As you know I use them and have about three pairs. It’s actually time for a new pair and the ones listed are the ones I’m considering. Let me know what you think about them and which ones you think I should go with.

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Written by: Vernon Ross