Worry About Yourself

So this has to be the best new thing in the world today.  Wisdom brought to us today from this little 2 yr old darling  telling his Dad to “Worry about Yourself!” , “You Drive”.  It’s so cute but so true.  In life too often we get so wrapped up in helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves.  That goes double for all the Mom’s out there.  It’s okay from time to time to allow everyone else to strap in and “Worry about themselves”


9 More People Should be Following on Twitter

9 more people you should follow on Twitter

[This content was originally posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Linkedin on 4/16/13. Gary is a social media pioneer and the co-founder and CEO of Vaynermedia. You can follow him on Twitter at @Garyvee and find him on Facebook at facebook.com/gary]


Here is part-two of my list of up-and-comers to be following on Twitter. Who did I miss? Let me know what you think! [Link to Part 1]


Mike Mazzeo (@mazzeo) is a really exciting one for me because he’s a VC at lowercase capital. Chris Sacca will get all the attention, but Mike Mazzeo is absolutely one of the forces behind the growth of this incredible company. I first met Maz’ when he was an agent at CAA, and I took a liking to him right away. He’s got drive, he’s got passion, he’s shockingly good-looking, and he’s definitely starting to get his credit. He was in a Fast Company article about the young Turks that are helping LA, and I completely agree with that. He’s making enormous noise right now in LA in the VC scene and the startup scene (the scenes I think are going to be the most exciting going forward). I have enormous confidence that Mazzeo will be tremendously successful in 10 or 15 years, and I think that for anybody who wants to get a good sense of the LA tech scene, this is a must follow.


Matt Van Horn (@mvanhorn) is somebody I’ve known for a long time since his days back at Digg. He’s making some real headway and having an enormous impact on one of my favorite investments, Path. Matt has always been one of “the guys behind the guys”, helping Kevin Rose at Digg and now helping Dave Morin through Path, he’s a tremendously bright young man. He’s extremely passionate about his Golden State Warriors. He’s the gentleman who turned me onto the opportunity at Karma (which was one of my favorite investments I’ve made in the last couple years), and more importantly, he’s the kind of guy that I think is more than willing to engage and help people on Twitter. He’s an absolutely tremendous follow, because I think he’ll give a lot more effort than maybe some of the other people on the list.


Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) is a young partner at Google Ventures. He’s an extremely bright young man. I have enormous respect for this kid. I’d like to see him work with me one day. I think that he’s a perfect person to follow to hear about what’s going on in the San Francisco startup culture, because he’s younger, he’s leaner, and he’s meaner, and he’s in the trenches. I think a lot of you follow VC’s who’ve made it, but let’s be honest, they’re having $1000 dinners, and Hutch is having burgers at the corner joint with the next generation. I think that’s the kind of guy you need to follow.


Milana Rabkin (@Milanachka) is a force of nature on the digital scene. She’s an agent at UTA. What she is doing and how she’s going about doing it in the convergence of Hollywood and Silicon Valley is quite impressive. I’ve been fond of her work ethic and mindset from the moment I met her. I love the fact that she has Belarusian roots, and more importantly, I am completely convinced that she has a grand-slam in her career. I think she’s extremely worthwhile to follow, especially if you care about the cross section of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. She is pushing the envelope of what can be don with Celebrities and High value Content.


Trevor Owens (@to2) is a hustler through and through. I’ve interacted with Trevor a couple times through the last few years, and I like the way he hustles. He’s just got it, there’s something about him. I don’t know Trevor super well outside of our couple of meetings, but I follow him, and he’s one of those guys where I could conceivably lose touch with him for a couple of years but he pops up with a big win on the board. If I read an article in Tech Crunch about a $100MM exit and I look and see that Trevor’s involved, it probably wouldn’t surprise me. He’s got that pixie dust ( Something Special ). He reminds me of me in that way. Very social, and somebody that I think is worth paying attention to if you have passion about knowing about what’s going on in the up and coming New York tech scene( meaning companies you haven’t heard about yet).


Mike Boyd (@HashtagMikeBoyd) This one’s my personal favorite. Mike Boyd’s working with me right now. He’s a personal friend of my brother’s from college. There’s nobody in the world who knows more about who the next hip-hop artists that are gonna pop are than Boyd. He told me about Future three years ago, Kendrick Lamar three years ago; he’s telling me about Rome Future now (completely convinced that he’s gonna pop). Mike Boyd has predicted Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa and on and on and on. If you care about hip-hop music at all and you wanna be cool around your friends, Mike Boyd has replaced The Source’s Unsigned Hype for me from back in the day.


Greg Shove (@GregShove) is the founder and CEO of SocialChorus, a really interesting advocate platform. I met Greg on a flight from SFO to JFK, and we spent 5 straight hours talking even though we didn’t know each other prior to sitting down. He’s one of those guys that’s not full of crap, and he’ll call you on your crap, and I respect that. He’s hustling, he’s executing, he’s got a very interesting platform, and I think that he’s got a couple more gray hairs than the rest of this list, which makes him extremely worthwhile to listen to. There’s some real knowledge in those gray hairs, and I think any young entrepreneur (or old entrepreneur) would get an enormous amount of value out of Greg. He’s had an incredible career, and is completely worth following.


Michael Schneider (@msfd) is the CEO of Mobile Rodie, a startup that I passed on investing in (but I wish I hadn’t) years ago because of two reasons: 1. I just wasn’t liquid enough, and 2. I ultimately knew that Michael would will that company to victory. I’ve been following Michael for a long time, not only on Twitter, but on Path. I’m genuinely excited for his growth and what he does over the next 4-5 decades. This is an extremely worthwhile entrepreneur, and one that travels quite a bit, so if you’re into knowing what’s going on in Japan or South America from a young entrepreneur’s point of view, I think he can help. He’s also often retweeting and posting about emerging tech. Just a couple days ago he talked about Songza, a music startup that I like. He’s the kind of guy that if you follow, he’ll keep you in the loop of what’s going on in the tech world.


Aaron Dignan (@aarondignan) is the CEO of Undercurrent, one of the few agencies that I respect tremendously. He’s an extremely bright guy; extremely focused. I think he’s extremely valuable to follow on twitter because he doesn’t tweet often, but when he does it’s relevant. He’s probably one of the least frequent updaters on this list, but he’s someone that I respect tremendously, and someone I think people should pay attention to.

19 people you should be following on twitter, but aren’t

[This content was originally posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Linkedin on 4/15/13. Gary is a social media pioneer and the co-founder and CEO of Vaynermedia. You can follow him on Twitter at @Garyvee and find him on Facebook at facebook.com/gary]

Lately I’ve been on stage and I’m talking more and more about value. Whether you have a product or a service, whether you use all the gadgets or the new toys or not, at the end of the day if you bring value, you have a real chance at winning in the consumer market. So I’ve been thinking a lot, and putting pressure on myself to be creating quality posts on this LinkedIn forum, and taking the fact that I’m one of these couple of hundred contributors very seriously.

Last night I had a great thought about what has separated me from some of my competitors, and how I could share that with my audience. I came up with this idea of up-and-coming people I follow on Twitter, because when I think back to 06, 07, 08, it was the up-and-coming people that later became titans and the movers-and-shakers in the industry that I followed early on. They brought me a lot of value, linked me to articles that I read, and really educated me. And I continue to try and do that, day in and day out, and so I’m going to put together a list for you once in a while, maybe once a month, a certain number of people I think you should be following, because Twitter is a really easy way to follow people and get a lot of great content.

This list always going to be made up of people who aren’t necessarily the most famous or the most known, usually under 10,000 followers for sure… so here we go. The inaugural list. (Note: by the time I finished this list it was WAY too long for a single post, so I decided to split it up. This is the first 10. The last 9 are coming tomorrow.)

Ryan Harwood (@RyanHarwood27) is the CEO of Purewow.com (think of it as an older DailyCandy for the female set). Really interesting guy. Ryan is a good friend and a huge Knicks fan, but most of all is a head-down entrepreneur, and someone that I think really, really has a bright future ahead of him. If you’re into email marketing, or the New York Knicks, he’s a must follow.

Ryan Graves (@ryangraves) is the head of operations at Uber. Uber is an extremely hot company and most people surely know the charismatic, brilliant Travis Kalanick who’s the CEO, however Ryan is an unbelievable #2 man. I’ve gotten to spend some time with Ryan recently (playing beach volleyball for 40 hrs in a 44 hr window), but most of all, I’ve watched him for a long time and I’m impressed with his maturity. I think he continues to grow, and I think he’s a worthwhile follow, especially as I believe in this “real-world meets the tech-world”, Ryan will be an interesting character to follow.

Danny Trinh (@dtrinh) is probably the most ridiculous person on this list. If you’ve ever spent any time with him in the real world, you will realize that there is a very good chance that he will get drunk and get completely ridiculous. However, I see Danny continue to grow as an entrepreneur and as a designer. I think he’s got so much raw talent that I felt like I had to put him on this list. If you enjoy some laughs, or, more importantly, if you enjoy the future of design in the digital world, I think Danny is a must-follow.

Colin Devroe (@cdevroe) is one of the people on this list that I’ve known the longest. Colin convinced me to switch from YouTube to Viddler (thanks a lot, Colin), but I’ve always respected Colin as a technologist, and his new project is something that I think has the real chance of blowing up in 2014. Keep an eye on him. I think he’s a great follow and someone who’s always been quite smart as a product guy.

Ingrid Sanders (@ingridsan) is somebody that I just met. She’s the founder and CEO of an interesting site, and more importantly just really blew me away. I meet with a lot of young entrepreneurs and start-ups constantly, and I would say that out of the last 400, Ingrid really stood out in the top one or two. I think she’d got her head on straight, I think she’s got a bright future, and I think that she’s a worthwhile follow as being a big prospect for having a successful startup.

Sam Rosen (@sir) is an interesting one for me. He’s an entrepreneur in residence at GPR Partners, and he’s a hustler. This dude chased me down at SXSW constantly a few years ago, trying to get me to invest in his company. I ultimately passed (and I was super right, because it didn’t work), however there was something in his eye that almost made me invest in an idea that I hated. That alone make him a worthwhile follow, and I believe that he will bring value for people that follow him, especially for anybody into entrepreneurship and venture capital from a young person’s perspective.

Dan Shipper (@danshipper) is a college junior. He clearly has to be on this list because if you go to his profile, one of the things it says is “Jets fan”. My brother @AJV actually turned me onto him, and I’ve just been following and paying attention to him for a little bit now. He’s a young buck that I’ve had my eye on as somebody that I want to work with/have work for me/work along side with. There is just something about this kid that pops in my gut and intuition, and I think he’s an absolute must-follow.

Henrik Werdelin (@werdelin) Is massively underrated. Period. End of story. The fact that he’s only got 3800 followers is a shocking indication of a diamond in the rough. Henrik is not a kid. He’s a mature entrepreneur who’s had a lot of success in his career and he’s doing some amazing stuff right now. I believe in this guy tremendously. I think that he has enormous long-term potential, and if you ask me which of the 30-40 friends I have has the potential to build a billion-dollar company, Henrik would be on that shortlist. I think he’s an amazing visionary when it comes to product, and I also think that that European humility he has is quite attractive. If there is one person on this list that you want to follow in order to be successful with product, it’s Henrik.

Erik F. Kastner (@kastner) is probably the one that I’m post emotional about on this list. Erik is the individual that turned me onto technology. He was the lead developer at Wine Library in 2002, and he started my path to why I’m ultimately even able to write this article. I have enormous love for him, and he has gone on to leave Wine Library and work for places like Kickstarter and Etsy. I have nothing but respect for him and if you’re a developer or coder I promise you that you will get tremendous value out of following this guy. He is, by far in my opinion, one of the most underrated technologists on the east coast. I am a big fan. Also, make sure you look at his profile on a desktop. On the left side, you’ll see tagmy.com. Ask him about it.

Kevin Colleran (@KevinColleran). This one’s interesting to me, because Kevin Colleran is probably the most successful person on this list, but he’s only got 759 follower because he’s just jumped on Twitter. One look at his profile will make you understand why, since the last line is an unbelievable humblebrag: Employee #7 at Facebook. If you are interested in how to monetize your business, sales, or “Fortune 500 company thinking”, Kevin is your guy. Kevin is now a venture capitalist at General Catalyst, and writing for the Wall Street Journal. He’s not only a tremendously bright guy, be he’s one of the nicest people I know. I’m an enormous fan of his, and I highly recommend the follow.

Stay tuned for the rest of the list tomorrow.