Guest Post: Treat Your Business Like a Second Child


[This content was originally posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Linkedin on 4/9/13. Gary is a social media pioneer and the co-founder and CEO of Vaynermedia. You can follow him on Twitter at @Garyvee and find him on Facebook at]

So, knowing that I have a lot of young fans, this may not resonate, but for all of you “older peeps” like me that are lucky enough to have two children…

Something interesting happened the other day. We had some great friends over, Erin and François. They have three children, and Erin was getting their middle child ready. Their third child was laying on the ground, legs flailing in the air, and I got thinking about how Lizzie and I are handling Xander compared to Misha, and I realized “My God…”

I asked Erin, “Would you ever let Sebastian (middle child) lay like that?”

She was like, “Absolutely not!”

You start realizing a very common joke around people that have young children is how differently you act with the second child than you do with the first.

With the first one, you micromanage. Everything is video-taped; its first fart, its sixth day, “it’s six days and three weeks after the first time it ever sneezed on a Tuesday!” I mean everything is focused on, everything is micromanaged, everything is over-thought.

I’ve been paying attention to a lot of people running businesses, and from corporate America that wants every little ROI tight, to entrepreneurs who have never been through it before – thus are micromanaging dumb shit that doesn’t actually matter, it’s very obvious to me that the best piece of advice I can give at this moment is this:

Treat your business like a second child.

Nothing is perfect. Nothing in business is black and white. All the magic is in the grey. Have patience. Nothing is the worst thing that ever happened, and nothing is the best thing that ever happened.

Celebrating the way you raised money is just the beginning. Being devastated thinking it’s over when you lost the deal isn’t the true reality. It’s always somewhere in the middle. And if you understand how to raise a second child, and realize the difference between “Little Timmy’s eating dirt, and that’s ok”, but you would have NEVER let big sister Janet do that, that is the same way that I think you need to look at your business.

Nothing is the end of the world, and nothing is the greatest thing of all time. Embracing the chaos, the nimbleness, the things that you can’t control, is the complete definition of a leader that’s going to be able to navigate through the chaotic, never-predictable business world.

So relax. Grab a coffee. Take a shot of vodka. It’s all going to be ok. Treat your business like a second child.


How Do You Stay Motivated

Just yesterday a good friend asked me how I stay motivated to keep at things and to continue to fight the good fight even if I don’t seem to be making progress?  Furthermore, how did you get in the mindset you’re in to begin with?  What gives Vernon?  “As long as I’ve know you, you’ve had this positive attitude and you just seem to float along letting nothing bother you or get you down.” was the exact question.

There’s so many ways to answer this question and so much experience to reflect back on that I responded with this way.  There are a couple things you have to keep in mind.  The first thing is you have to be clear about what you are trying to get accomplished, and when life happens and gets in the way of the path you were on to achieve your goal you that are willing to change with it.  So what that means is if you set a goal to get something accomplished and through working toward that goal life takes you in an unexpected direction you have to be willing to follow that path but keep your goal in mind and eventually you will get what you want accomplished.

The second thing is that most situations are only temporary.  If today was bad there’s always tomorrow and it can be better.  Actually if you have a bad morning it doesn’t mean you are going to have a crap afternoon.  It’s up to you at least to a certain extent what type of day you have.  You can’t control others but you can control how you deal with them and how you let them affect (sometimes I call in infect) your attitude. That being said you have to understand that nothing that happens in life is going to last forever.  So when something happens deal with it and move on quickly.  That’s the best advise I can give on how I keep a positive attitude and stay motivated.

Check out this video from Jeffrey Gitomer it’s a great video and something I listen to often.  I’m sure if you read this post and reflect on it things will become much more clear to you.

Also check out the videos listed below.  I took the liberty of uploading the video from Earl Nightingale so if you’ve never heard it you must listen to it at least once.

And The Strangest Secret

8 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

8 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn

8 Ways to Maximize LinkedIn and Your Personal Branding

 Personal branding is key to your success and LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you achieve that. Let’s look at 8 ways to maximize your LinkedIn profile and your personal branding.


1. Make the Most of your Profile

Using your LinkedIn profile properly is very important. When you communicate with others on

the site, your profile will speak for you. Don’t just upload any photo, upload a good photo. If you don’t have one put on something nice and sit down in front of your web cam and take a picture.  You may not think so but people tend to ignore profiles that don’t have a picture.  When you don’t have a picture it makes you seem untrustworthy to some and just lazy to others.  I’ve talked to several recruiters that won’t even talk to a canidate that doesn’t have a picture on their profile.  Please don’t upload your logo here. People want to see what you look like and there are business pages for that. Also make sure you completely fill out your profile – do not leave any areas blank.

2. Build Your Contacts

When you first join LinkedIn you need to build your contact base. Connect present and past

colleagues along with your alumni from your university or college. Simple right?

3. Recommendations

Recommendations are very important. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn

has to offer.  People recognize recommendations as sincere and trustworthy.  There’s a certain amount of trust that comes from another person leaving a recommendation and taking a chance on vouching for you.

Now please make sure not to try and fake or forge reviews.  LinkedIn is good about policing this and it could get you banned from the site or your profile deleted or flagged as a spam account.

4. Use Groups

There are three ways you can use groups: lead generation, increase your LinkedIn profile

development, and personal development by learning from members in the group.  There’s an entire strategy I have for using groups that I’ll post in another article. So for now just make sure to not ignore them.

5. Promoting Events

Using LinkedIn to promote your events is a very wise move. You can easily target your

audience and you can spread your information quickly all the while establishing your personal


6. Use Your Status Updates

The LinkedIn status updates are often not used to their full potential. Update your LinkedIn profile with relevant blog posts and news. When you use your status updates wisely they can play an integral role in your person branding.

7. LinkedIn Labs

LinkedIn Labs is an area of LinkedIn that offers various applications that help you make the most of your connections.  One that was recently talked about at a social media presentation was InMaps.   With InMaps you can see exactly how your network is connected which can be invaluable information to help you expand your network.

8. Networking for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for you to use to connect with others who are looking to

individuals from within the corporate community.  Every connection you make on LinkedIn could be a potential lead for new business if you pick and accept new connections carefully.  You don’t want to accept every connection request especially if It’s not related to your profession or your area of interest.  Remember to work your connections and “Keep it Classy San Diego”  No really try to connect with people that are related to your area of interest or that you can add value to by connecting with them.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free training video on LinkedIn basis posted below.  It’s a great primer on LinkedIn.