Sales Babble with Pat Helmers

What do you think of when you hear the word sales? Do you get nervous?

Does it make you think, “Oh God, I hate selling and salespeople”? I think at some point even if you’re in sales you’ve had that thought, and it’s usually around the time of a major purchase. We’ve all been there, right?

Selling is something we all do even if you don’t like it. We sell ourselves on a daily basis in person, online and over the phone, so since you can’t escape it you may as well become good at it. Mastering selling is something my next guest Pat Helmers is a master at. Not only is he a master at selling but of communications. Pat explains why gaining a deep understanding of the value you bring your clients is the first key to sales success.

Pat also enlightens us with a system he developed that can be utilized to help anyone become proficient at the art of selling, it’s called HEAT.

The Four Aspects of Heat

Helpful, Emotional, Astuteness and Tenacity are traits that each of us possesses and it’s likely you have more than one of these already developed. Pat and I go into extensive detail about each aspect here: [14:58]
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An important part of a successful sales relationship is understanding the motivations of your potential client and the pain they want to avoid or the pleasure they want to gain from the experience.

Sorting Things Out

It’s helpful in sales to have a process of deeply engaging your prospect to also understand if you should be working with them and what they truly need.  One way to identify this is the “Sort Method”.

Listen now to get this method: Story, Obstacles, Ramification, and Transformation: [25:55]

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Written by: Vernon Ross