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Podcast Launch Implementation

Building your media empire can no longer rely on just a blog and the occasional video.  Podcasting is growing at a rate of 26  percent year over year and is one of the only ways to connect with your audience no matter where they are.


Wouldn’t you like to get in your customers or audience ear?

The Share of Ear report points to how listeners of a podcast are more engaged than any other (Head-Down) consumer.  Listeners tend to have a higher income and are more likely to purchase a product based on a recommendation from the host.

Let’s take a step back, before helping coaches and authors launch successful podcast, Vernon started his own very popular podcast interviewing some of the top experts in business today. Due to his expertise in the field top coaches, authors and business professionals started to approach Vernon for his guidance and assistance in creating podcast for book tours, sales enablement, and training.

Strategy & Leadership

Our clients are often surprised by the by how quickly their employees take to podcasting and how much of a difference well crafted media or training can impact their business.

Attract and retain quality, high-performing employees. Learn leadership skills to manage your teams or train your sales force all while on the go.

Build your brand, transform your business

You can transform your business, amplify your brand and maximize revenue-generating opportunities with the training and strategies we provide around podcasting.

This program is designed to help your organization launch a successful podcast. My expectations are to launch you show within three to four weeks depending on certain key dates and based on your objectives.

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