Shelley Davidescu

We learned how to build an irresistible pitch with “The Pitch Whisperer” John Livesay.  John gave priceless tips in pitching for Start-ups and podcast sponsorship including co-branding to get an advantage, and the importance of being clear and concise with you branding.  Our guest in this episode Shelley Davidescu, a business mentor for health and wellness coaches.

Shelley Davidescu is a Business Mentor for Health & Wellness coaches looking to monetize their passion for health in the online space. As the founder of a successful Food Coaching Business Clean Forks, Shelley spills the secrets on community building and building powerful systems that can help coaches tell better brand stories.

Shelley shares why Facebook is her strongest platform and the new developments with Facebook Live can help explode your growth to quickly become a sought after resource. Jump to that part of the show [15:44]

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Shelley:

  • [22:00]: The number one reason “heart-centered” professionals have a hard time with the selling process.
  • []: About Shelley’s scared, shitless moment: leaving her 9×5 job to pursue her entrepreneurship dream full time.
  • [06:23]: The sacrifices she had made after taking the leap, and the consistency and focus it took to make things work.
  • [07:47]: Shelley’s primary customer base and her advice on how to spread your message effectively across social media, including focusing on your own brand and systematizing your stories.
  • [12:39]: Tips on how to build your community and where to start including choosing the platform where you enjoy being, progressively shifting to doing video and treating small audiences as gold.
  • [17:20]: The importance of building an email list.
  • [18:22]: How she made a big sale via Facebook Messenger and why being vulnerable can get people to reach out to you.

Words Of Wisdom

  • Identify different types of stories that you can sprinkle throughout social media in a way that’s authentic and relatable.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of four followers because happy followers get results and will tell other people.
  • The importance of building your email list to connect on a more personal relationship with your tribe.

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