Shola Abidoye is the world’s #1 expert in CRSP™  Which stands for – controllable, repeatable, scalable, predictable.  This applies to the area digital sales growth.  Like most successful serial entrepreneurs been involved in several successful ventures with incredible growth rates in profit.

It’s not surprising that being a trained economist educated at Oxford University and KTI in Sweden that she’s been able to achieve the level of success she has and truly live the digital nomad lifestyle in Baja Mexico.  Shola’s current company ConverPort her team helps entrepreneurs convert clicks into lead and ultimately into customers.

I think Shola offers an interesting perspective on how to approach online business that’s not from a blogger perspective.  She’s providing a valuable software as a service (SAS)system to make sustainable and stable income.  A major challenge for anyone wanting to cut the cord from the corporate grind.

Not only is Shola a great business woman but a master networker.  She reminds us that it’s not just important to focus on people you meet at conferences and in business but the people you knew in High School and College.

Insights By Shola

  • A big part of business is leveraging parts of social relationships that may not be obvious to you at first.
  • Paying for visibility shows how smart of a business you are it doesn’t show defeat.
  • Understanding that you can learn from everyone that you’re around.  You don’t have to go to fancy schools to be a great entrepreneur.
  • How to get crystal clear on what your goals are and what you need to focus on.

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Written by: Vernon Ross

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  • Khan Gurbuxani

    This is very Amazing. Full of Knowledge and the controllable, repeatable, scalable, predictable really a big help for entrepreneurs..

  • GregoryDiehl

    I have yet to receive even a partial refund for what I paid, and Ms. Abidoye publicly denies that I hired her to do these things. She has taken a very insulting and condescending tone to me or anyone who questions her about this incident.

    Because she has ignored all my attempts at peaceful resolution, I don’t see what other choice I have but to start warning others about her fraudulent behavior before I gather to evidence necessary to take her to court and try to get my money back. I just wanted to let you know in case you are currently still engaged in business with her or ever considered doing so again in the future. 
    You can read the full details of my experience getting ripped off and scammed by Convertport here:

    I know these are strong accusations I am making, and I am prepared to support them with emails and recorded calls if necessary. Please let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for getting Shola to reach out to me so we can resolve this dispute.

    Gregory Diehl

  • GregoryDiehl

    Khan Gurbuxani Khan is a paid employee of Shola and was one of the primary staff members of Convertport who continually lied to me about the status of the book I paid them $5,000 to produce. I hold him personally responsible for the money which was stolen from me.

  • I’ve deleted the comments on this post since I have no way to validate the statements.  In all fairness the podcast interview was great and I believe the audience received value based on other feedback I’ve received.