Twitter Is Not The Measurement

I’ve seen tons of articles talking about the Snapchat IPO and through Snap.INC as they’re now known is experiencing slower growth it doesn’t mean they are headed toward the failed state of Twitter.

Instagram is However Eating Their Lunch

Ever had someone take your lunch?  Well, that happened to Snapchat about six months ago with Instagram decided to get into the instant videos that disappear in 24hr business.  If you’re new to social media you may not have known that Instagram didn’t always have the Instastories feature.  That feature is only a few months old but it’s getting attention.

The move was bold but smart when you think about it.  When you’re on Instagram you have a reason to discover new things vs Snapchat where you’re going to mostly communicate with your friends.  Snap says it’s not a social network rather a camera company, but time will tell if Snap Glasses (Shades actually) will ever take off.  Because so far the adoption rate has been pretty slow and hasn’t made a difference in profitability for the camera company.

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Written by: Vernon Ross