Marketing to Crush Your Competitors Ep44


What’s it take to win a Silver Medal in the Pan-Am games?

Wouldn’t you agree that athletes at the Olympic level have an unstoppable drive and will to win beyond that of most people?

Fabienne is that example and translates that passion, drive and determination she developed from being a professional athlete into her very successful online business and podcast aptly named Marketing to Crush Your Competitors.

Raised by immigrant parents from Haiti Fabienne is an example of what hard work and living life on your own terms truly means.  You’re going to love her journey and come away feeling motivated to get in gear.

Here are the highlights with my conversation with Fabienne:

  • Her life as an online marketer and as an athlete including when she got into handball and how she fell in love with the sport,
  • How her background in sports shaped her approach in business and in life in general,
  • Her transition from being a physical therapist to achieving big things by becoming an entrepreneur and using marketing as her vehicle to succeed,
  • Her interest in radio, how she started in podcasting and the value and opportunities this platform can bring including establishing great contacts with influencers in your market, sharing valuable content to your listeners, and simply having friends,
  • Her views on the methods used to get download numbers and sponsorships in podcasting,
  • How the idea for her business summit came about and the goals she want to achieve in this endeavor including helping three charities, and
  • Her heritage, how her family settled and thrived in Canada and her experiences spending two years in Denmark.

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