Handshaking Your Way To Success with Matt Holmes

Breaking a world record takes time, practice and a community of people that will stand behind and step up when you need them most.  That’s what our next guest Matt “Handshaking” Holmes found out when he attempted and succeeded in breaking a Guinness Book World Record for in fact shaking hands. Continue reading “Handshaking Your Way To Success with Matt Holmes”

Networking Tips That Actually Work

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Networking Tips

Evaluating Your Skills for Effective Networking with Networking Tips That Actually Work

Before you attend your first networking function or a professional conference, it’s a good idea and I would say it’s mandatory that you realistically evaluate the skills you have and the skills you need.

 Doing this evaluation can help you to create a roadmap that will help guide your networking efforts.

The Skills You Have to Offer

The main idea behind effective networking is that you pay it forward by offering to help others. First, you need to consider your skill set and what you can offer to those you meet. What are the unique abilities that you can provide?

Continue reading “Networking Tips That Actually Work”