Bumpers.fm with Ian Ownbey EP80

I love startups! I think the culture from a work perspective is what everyone dreams of, and the have the flexibility to innovate as the market changes. Bumpers.fm is the perfect example of market disruption in the ever changing world of podcasting. In this episode, I get to speak with one of the co-founders of this unique company.

Meet Ian Ownsby co-founder of Bumpers.fm, a podcasting platform that’s disrupting the industry by allowing anyone to record a podcast from their mobile device for with unlimited audio.

Here’s some of what we covered:

[3:00] Why Bumpers.fm was created.

[12:00]How Ian and his team are changing the landscape of podcasting.
[18:01]The problem with podcasting today, and how Bumpers disrupts the status quo.
[21:00]The new revenue model that podcasters should really be using. (Your Mind will be blown!)

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Why You Should Start A Podcast With Cliff Ravenscraft Ep77


Cliff Ravenscraft is one of the first names you hear when you start the process of starting a podcast.  In this episode, we talk about why right now is the perfect time to start a podcast.

Podcasting has now hit the mainstream with the success of shows like Serial, The Nerdist, and the Joe Rogan experience.  We dig into why no matter what type of business you have that podcasting can fit into taking your message to the next level.finding your voice as a podcaster which relates closely to the book and the stories I’ve shared.  The conversation gets really interesting since the week before Podcast Movement Cliff was returning from a Tony Robbins event, yes the one where a few people go burned walking over hot coals.  Cliff did it and didn’t get burned by the way.  There are some very eye-opening concepts I’m sure would benefit anyone that listens.

Finding your voice as a podcaster can be a struggle that some never overcome.  The subject relates closely to my new book and the stories I’ve shared within.  Cliff shares how he found his voice and his dreaded first episode.

As the conversation progressed it gets really interesting because we get into some of the takeaways from the Tony Robbins event Cliff and his wife attended, yes the one where a few people go burned walking over hot coals.  Cliff walked through fire and didn’t get burned by the way.  There are some very eye-opening concepts and a couple fo revelations I had when talking with Cliff and I’m sure you’re going to get a ton of value from this converation.
A few of the things I covered with Cliff:

[12:10] : The incredible things that podcasts can offer to your business; and ideas on how you can monetize your shows locally by talking to business about podcasting and how those conversations could turn into additional income streams.

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Podbean, Podcast & Patrons EP56


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In this episode I had the pleasure of spending some time with Shannon Martin, PodBean’s Director of Communications as we learned about this free to start podcast option offered by Podbean.

Don’t worry I’m not turning the Social Strategy Podcast into show about podcasting,  but there are some really interesting platforms out there that fall under the online business category and this one is worth talking about.  Podbean offers a free option to get started in podcasting and of course a free option once you’ve decided to publish a show more often.

One of the more interesting topics we covered and it’s a feature of Podbean’s service is the ability to offer premium content to your users right in in the platform.  You can actually segment particular episodes based on the amount of value they offer behind a paywall.  Really interesting stuff!

Now it would be me if I didn’t get background on the guest and how she ended up doing her thing in Shanghai which was my favorite part of this interview.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Shannon:

  • How Shannon ended up in Shanghai and how it is being location-independent.  We also talk about how she came to join PodBean while looking for an outlet to practice her communications skills while abroad.
  • PodBean’s pricing tiers, the difference between regular and premium podcast, and how podcasters can go about moving from hosting their own feed to migrating from WordPress,
  • What people can expect if they decide to switch to PodBean and host their shows through this platform including gaining promotions through their website and other social media channels,
  • The built in feature of having patrons for you podcast.

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