Money and Success with Heather Havenwood Ep67



What You May Have Missed

In the last episode we met Harneet Bahalla a digital marketing consultant and who negotiated over a million dollars on one deal.  Listen to Ep66 to find out the one thing he did to land this deal.

In this episode I talk with Heather Ann Havenwood, CEO of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss.   She’s a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority in the internet, business strategies and  marketing. Since marketing her first online business in 1999, bringing together clients and personal coaches, she has played an active role in the online marketing world since before most even had a home computer.

In 2006 she started, developed and grew an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months.  You’re in for an amazing story and as a bonus we recorded a blab a few days after this interview and ended up giving live social media and business advice.

The absolute best quote of our chat: “When I send an email to my list which is two to three times a day depending on the list there is always something to buy…ALWAYS, always, always,always,ALWAYS. None of this I don’t want to sell anything I’ll just give them content. NO It’s like always!”

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Small Business Online Summit with Fabienne Raphael Ep65


What You Missed

You heard from Josh Elledge (Exclusive Interview) and learned how to get booked on Television.  We’re talking millions in free media exposure! Josh talks about the one thing you must have to get booked.

In this episode I have a return guest a former Olympian Fabienne Raphael.  She’s a writer with several published works, a business coach and the host of the podcast ‘Marketing to Crush Your Competitors’. She’s the creator behind Small Business Online Summit featuring yours truly and 28 other amazing business influencers.

Here are the highlights with my conversation with Fabienne:

  • [10:42]: Fabienne explains why she uses Periscope for her business
  • [13:02]: Fabienne talks about how she feels about people sharing her content writing on a third-party websites.
  • [15:11] : How you can get popular on Periscope quickly.
  • [21:23]: A discussion on the merits of Meerkat vs Periscope.
  • [24:01] : Fabienne’s virtual summit “Small Business Online Summit”
  • [30:25]: Fabienne explains what “a call to action” is and how it works and how it can help with building an email list
  • [36:12]: Why it is important to reach out to influencers and have them as speakers in one’s summit
  • [38:07]: Fabienne explains the 3 steps to putting together a successful online summit
  • [51:29]: Fabienne talks about how she feels about publishing low – content books such as journals on Kindle.

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