How To Use Snapchat for Business in 6 Min

The buzz around Snapchat right now is amazing!  I would give a ton of that credit to Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia and of course multiple bestselling author of three books all around social media, service and over delivering to your customer.   Lastly he was one of my guest in episode 42 and yes it’s still valid today.

So Snapchat for Business?

Gary has grown his following on Snapchat from 3000 people to over 25,000 in just one week of talking about Snapchat on mostly Snapchat but also on all his other channels.  If you follow Gary on Snapchat your see a mixture of behind the scenes of his company, meetings and his love of the Jets.  What’s grown his following more than anything is that Gary has been answering questions about business almost non-stop for the past two weeks.

People get value from how engaged Gary is on his channel which is key to growing your following on any platform but especially on Snapchat.  Followers get to know Gary by seeing the behind the scenes of his Daily Vee show and even though he’s wildly popular and an icon in social media he’s approachable and follows everyone back enabling direct interaction with his fans.

Approachability is what your customers want and in 2016 it’s what they are demanding from you.  It’s an inspiring thing to see “Snaps” from Gary at 5A.M and then watch him taking meetings at [11:45].PM. because you see him actually living the hustle lifestyle that so many talk about.

Chris Ducker author of Virtual freedom and featured in Episode 33 has also joined Snapchat and started posting daily.  I “Snapped” with Chris today and he’s adding about 50 to 60 new people everyday to his Snapchat.  Chris is giving business advice, taking you through his day and giving you insights into how he runs his business.

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Unique Selling Proposition

In this post I’m going to teach you about a USP.  A USP may sound funny but it has nothing to do with shipping.  It’s short for Unique Selling Proposition.  Which means the unique thing that you offer that makes people want to buy what you’re selling.  No matter if it’s a service or product you have to have something unique that appeals to the audience you’re approaching.  So let’s learn about the USP.

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition and Why Do You Need One?

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that explains how your business  or your offer is unique in the market. It tells your potential customers how you can better meet their needs and what makes you special. Your USP tells them why they should buy from you instead of from your competitors. It takes some creativity to come up with a compelling USP, but it’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make for your business.

Why You Need A USP

The simple reason that you need a USP or an irresistible offer is that, no matter what product you’re selling , there are other companies you’re competing with, and you need to stand out. You want your market to think of YOU when they need your products or services. If you create a good USP, it will stick in their memory and put you above the rest.

The Elements of a Good USP

There are three things that make a good USP:

  1. It specifically addresses the needs of your market. It should be something they can’t live without, that solves their problems, or makes their lives easier.
  2. A good USP is memorable. It has to stick in people’s minds so that you’re the one they think of when they need your products.
  3. It connects with your buyers emotionally. Good USPs speak to the fears, worries, desires, and frustrations of your target market.

A good USP is especially essential in a crowded market. If you’re up against a large number of competitors, you need an especially strong USP to cut through the noise. On the other hand, even if your business is the only game in town, you still need to create a USP that speaks to your audience. It’s not only about battling the competition, but also establishing your brand in the minds of your customers.

Failing to Plan … You know the rest.

Amazingly, a majority of those who start their own businesses fail to create a unique selling proposition or even a business model to guide them. Of those who don’t, almost 100% fail. However, creating a USP that suits your business and speaks to your audience doesn’t automatically guarantee success. Your products or services need to deliver on the promise that your USP is making. Otherwise, it won’t get you very far.

The Creative Process

Your unique selling proposition won’t appear out of thin air. Since this is such an important decision, it’s a process that takes some time. However, it’s not difficult to come up with the right message if you follow certain steps. Pay attention to your market, check out your competitors, and analyze your products to find their unique selling points you won’t have too much of a problem putting your USP together. If you put in the time and refine as necessary, you can create the right USP for your business.

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