5 Min Friday About That Snap Inc IPO



Twitter Is Not The Measurement

I’ve seen tons of articles talking about the Snapchat IPO and through Snap.INC as they’re now known is experiencing slower growth it doesn’t mean they are headed toward the failed state of Twitter.

Instagram is However Eating Their Lunch

Ever had someone take your lunch?  Well, that happened to Snapchat about six months ago with Instagram decided to get into the instant videos that disappear in 24hr business.  If you’re new to social media you may not have known that Instagram didn’t always have the Instastories feature.  That feature is only a few months old but it’s getting attention.

The move was bold but smart when you think about it.  When you’re on Instagram you have a reason to discover new things vs Snapchat where you’re going to mostly communicate with your friends.  Snap says it’s not a social network rather a camera company, but time will tell if Snap Glasses (Shades actually) will ever take off.  Because so far the adoption rate has been pretty slow and hasn’t made a difference in profitability for the camera company.

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How To Use Snapchat for Business in 6 Min

The buzz around Snapchat right now is amazing!  I would give a ton of that credit to Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia and of course multiple bestselling author of three books all around social media, service and over delivering to your customer.   Lastly he was one of my guest in episode 42 and yes it’s still valid today.

So Snapchat for Business?

Gary has grown his following on Snapchat from 3000 people to over 25,000 in just one week of talking about Snapchat on mostly Snapchat but also on all his other channels.  If you follow Gary on Snapchat your see a mixture of behind the scenes of his company, meetings and his love of the Jets.  What’s grown his following more than anything is that Gary has been answering questions about business almost non-stop for the past two weeks.

People get value from how engaged Gary is on his channel which is key to growing your following on any platform but especially on Snapchat.  Followers get to know Gary by seeing the behind the scenes of his Daily Vee show and even though he’s wildly popular and an icon in social media he’s approachable and follows everyone back enabling direct interaction with his fans.

Approachability is what your customers want and in 2016 it’s what they are demanding from you.  It’s an inspiring thing to see “Snaps” from Gary at 5A.M and then watch him taking meetings at [11:45].PM. because you see him actually living the hustle lifestyle that so many talk about.

Chris Ducker author of Virtual freedom and featured in Episode 33 has also joined Snapchat and started posting daily.  I “Snapped” with Chris today and he’s adding about 50 to 60 new people everyday to his Snapchat.  Chris is giving business advice, taking you through his day and giving you insights into how he runs his business.

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HappyWork with Chris Reimer Ep 46

Happywork Book

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had at work?

My guess is it was pretty bad right?

The sad part is that too many of us have bad stories about work.  In this episode is author Chris Reimer addresses this very issues  in his first book Happywork.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Chris:

  • Handling working with challenging people and how powerful negativity can also be.
  • Chris’ background from graduating with a degree in Accounting, being unhappy with his chosen line of work at that time until he cooked up the idea for Rizzo tees and using social media to promote this t-shirt business until finally finding something which resonated to him and led him to pursue a career change to inspire more people.
  • Why leaders should pay attention to the little things, such as caring for your employees, as it can produce incalculable ROIs in the process,
  • The three sections of the Happywork agreement: Respect for the work process, Respect for each other, and Respect for business goal #1: Happiness,
  • How he leverages on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in getting his message out and his assessment of how each platform is doing currently,

We really get into a great conversation about social media at [53:10] minutes in so make sure to check out that part of the interview.

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