Swizzle A Start-Up Story with Nick Szabo EP78

Nick Szabo

Running at full speed and jumping to the next building across the rooftops.  Would you do This?  My next guess would totally do this in a heartbeat and has.  This fearless quality is one of the many things that sets my next guest Nick Szabo apart.  Jump to [30:23] as Nick the COO of Swizzle shares how taking risks not only applies in parkour but also in business.

Pretty exciting right?  Well, that’s the start-up scene in St. Louis, it’s been exciting and is getting a ton of attention and with good reason.

Companies like Swizzle and entrepreneurs like Nick Szabo ( A St. Louis Native) understand what St. Louis has to offer that other major cities can’t match.  Let’s put it this way Swizzle reads the internet and tells you how people feel about your brand.  #PowerfulStuff

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Start-Ups, Networking and Living Abroad with Shola Abidoye Ep58


Shola Abidoye is the world’s #1 expert in CRSP™  Which stands for – controllable, repeatable, scalable, predictable.  This applies to the area digital sales growth.  Like most successful serial entrepreneurs been involved in several successful ventures with incredible growth rates in profit.

It’s not surprising that being a trained economist educated at Oxford University and KTI in Sweden that she’s been able to achieve the level of success she has and truly live the digital nomad lifestyle in Baja Mexico.  Shola’s current company ConverPort her team helps entrepreneurs convert clicks into lead and ultimately into customers.

I think Shola offers an interesting perspective on how to approach online business that’s not from a blogger perspective.  She’s providing a valuable software as a service (SAS)system to make sustainable and stable income.  A major challenge for anyone wanting to cut the cord from the corporate grind.

Not only is Shola a great business woman but a master networker.  She reminds us that it’s not just important to focus on people you meet at conferences and in business but the people you knew in High School and College.

Insights By Shola

  • A big part of business is leveraging parts of social relationships that may not be obvious to you at first.
  • Paying for visibility shows how smart of a business you are it doesn’t show defeat.
  • Understanding that you can learn from everyone that you’re around.  You don’t have to go to fancy schools to be a great entrepreneur.
  • How to get crystal clear on what your goals are and what you need to focus on.

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