Student Teacher Kung-fu

Have you ever seen one of those really bad 70’s Kung-fu movies?  You know the ones where the lips never actually match the audio.  I love those movies!  As a kid growing up it was the only thing on Saturday afternoons but I digress.  In all those movies the main character is fighting for some noble cause or to avenge the death of  his teacher or something like that.

As it goes the character will stumble upon a new teacher that shows him a new style which helps him defeat the bad guy. However the student is not ready until he can in fact best his teacher which in my own log winded way is the point.  I was having a conversation today with one of my coaching students. We were discussing strategies, approaches and mindset.  Now let me give you a little background here on this person.  She’s a rocket when it comes to getting things done.  Once she sees what she wants it’s like BOOM and she’s going after it.

So a few days ago I introduced her to a concept that she wasn’t familiar with and it opened her mind to so many things she could do with the information and so many directions it was great to hear how excited she was which I have to say is a great feeling as a coach.  So in the middle of our conversation she made this statement “Vernon why haven’t you done this yet, You really should have this working for you, what are you waiting on?” Yep and you guessed it flash back to Saturday morning Kung-fu when the camera cuts to the student… He just bested the master – queue the gong!  Well at least that’s what went through my mind when she said that.  She was right I should have been doing what we talked about and as I always tell people executing on it but I wasn’t.  Oh and not only had I not executed on this knowledge I had a list of bullshit reasons why I hadn’t – hand to forehead.

Yes that just happened I’m thinking, and I was so happy that it did!  I just learned something from someone I was helping.  It’s not that I don’t look to learn things from others because I do but so often you get wrapped up in what you’re doing that you don’t pay attention to the things you’re missing until someone wonderful that you’re helping points it out to you.  I’m so grateful to her for say that and of course I told her “You’re right, I know..but” and we moved on in the conversation but afterward I reflected on the conversation and thought damn I need to step it up.

In closing I’ll say this keep your mind open when you’re talking to people that you’re helping and make sure the advise you are giving and the resources you are suggesting you’re taking full advantage of personally.  You never know what you are about to learn and who your teacher will be.

Now you may be wondering what strategies were you talking about and what thing did you share with your student?  Well I can tell you but there are only two ways that can happen.  One is you’re a coaching student and the other one is if you’re on the VIP List.  Yes if you’re on the list I’ll share with you in a private email some of the concepts we were discussing today.  I can’t give the VIP members all the stuff my coaching clients pay for but trust if you’re on the list you will learn tons from this info.  So if you would like to know more about some pretty cool strategies or if you would like to get other exclusives just click on the VIP List or sign up on the right.  Also if you like this post let me know if the comments, on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

Student Teacher Kung-fu
Written by: Vernon Ross