Do Something Scary Ep 36

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Something that scares you
“Do one thing every day that scares you” Is a quote from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  What does it make you think about?

For me it’s making sales calls.  What about you what scares you?  We all have that thing we hate doing that we know makes us grow but hate practicing.  Now I know a couple episodes about the confines of fear, but this is different.  Today we’re talking about growing and doing something daily that forces you to grow.

Everytime I pick up the phone or send an email related to sales and in particular to highly influential people it’s scary, but I make the call.  I know that by doing this is helps me to grow as a trusted advisor.

So my change for you today is to do one thing today that scares you TODAY!  Once you do report back in the comments below, on social media or email me and tell me how you challenged yourself and if you grew.  If you didn’t or couldn’t stretch past were you are right now and do that “scary” thing tell me about that as well, because I want to help you get past that block.

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Declaring Your Personal Power Ep 35

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Motivation Manifesto

Are you living at the highest level of joy and conscientious you’re capable of?

Is your life an expression of your true self?  If not why not?

Over the past few days I’ve been considering both of these questions in my own life and I would have to answer no to both.  Although I’m working toward a this type of life I’ve not gotten there yet so of course I asked why.  for me and maybe even you we don’t ever make a “Conscience Choice” to declare our personal power and claim what is rightfully ours

That’s freedom. Continue reading “Declaring Your Personal Power Ep 35”

Standing in Service of Others Ep34

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In Service

This past week I asked a question at the end of an email.

It was simple really, but a powerful question that causes you to reflect on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

The question was:  Are you standing in the service of others or just serving yourself at the cost of others?

The response was amazing so I wanted to give you a little break down of why I asked that question.  All too often in the online / offline business space we get wrapped up in the “making money” aspect of the business.  You know sales funnels, email list, lead capture and the list goes on.  However I think it’s vital that you reflect on your business and if you’re serving others with your marketing or just serving yourself.

Now I’m not one of those money is bad people.  Afterall we are in business to make money and lots of it, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be serving at the same time. Continue reading “Standing in Service of Others Ep34”