Clarity Through Coaching with Petra Foster EP87

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions on the planet right now. In coaching, you can really embrace your genius and show up in a big way for your clients. However, something really bothered me about coaching I wanted Petra, my next guest, to sort out for me.

Why are so many coaches broke? Don’t worry we get to that.

Petra Foster is known as client enrollment strategist. She helps coaches understand how to build an effective business that can not only bill multiple thousand dollars per month but to also provide a massive amount of value to their clients.
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Creative Warrior Jeffrey Shaw EP 69


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In the last episode (EP68) we met Morgan MacDonald  listen now to hear the one thing I’ve never heard any publisher reveal that could have a deep impact on your book.  I promise you’ve never heard this information anywhere.

In this episode we meet Jeffrey Shaw a master photographer, business coach and public speaker. Jeffrey build his first million dollar a year business serving the most affluent families in America. He’s known for his ability to capture moments that captivate and images that leave his clients wanting more.

Jeffrey has also built a successful coaching practice serving other coaches and other creatives as well as anyone needed business advice.  As a coach, freelancer or anyone that’s involved in a service business you know how difficult it can be to determine what you should charge because your service can appear to be intangible and feels hard to communicate the true value to your clients.

Jeffrey has figured out how to overcome this problem here’s how…

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