Bumpers.fm with Ian Ownbey EP80

I love startups! I think the culture from a work perspective is what everyone dreams of, and the have the flexibility to innovate as the market changes. Bumpers.fm is the perfect example of market disruption in the ever changing world of podcasting. In this episode, I get to speak with one of the co-founders of this unique company.

Meet Ian Ownsby co-founder of Bumpers.fm, a podcasting platform that’s disrupting the industry by allowing anyone to record a podcast from their mobile device for with unlimited audio.

Here’s some of what we covered:

[3:00] Why Bumpers.fm was created.

[12:00]How Ian and his team are changing the landscape of podcasting.
[18:01]The problem with podcasting today, and how Bumpers disrupts the status quo.
[21:00]The new revenue model that podcasters should really be using. (Your Mind will be blown!)

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Disrupting Podcast Movement with Evo Terra Ep28

Disrupting Podcast Movement















Is podcasting a movement or not?

I had to ask that very question of Evo after his keynote and I disagreed with him.  I thought absolutely podcasting is a movement!  So of course I searched for Evo afterwards to hash out this difference of opinion.

After all there were 600 plus people attending a conference about podcasting!  Truly this has to be what disruption truly is about. Right?

Would you like to understand disruption at it’s core?  Are you or your podcast disrupting anything or challenging convention in any way?  In this podcast we dig a deep into this interesting subject and challenge you to consider what disruption to an industry truly means.

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